Hi there, does anyone have any ideas with regards to a Delphi issue we are experiencing?

We have a Delphi application that has one main window, and then based on what buttons you choose, how you navigate, the window redraws with new panels (but the same window tho).

However QTP is adding the main window into the shared OR which is fine but then once you click on a button and do another add to repository for the other objects that display, it adds another main window and so on.

If you click on the original window added to the OR and do a highlight in application from OR, it recognises the window you are in as the main one regardless of what buttons have been clicked, but any tests we write that go to that main window and then click a button or the like, fail as it cannot identify the window object in the repository.

I removed the text and regxwndtitle(spelling?) properties from object identification in QTP, as these were the only differences in the subsequent windows being added into the OR and then tried rerunning the test, and still it failed.

The test works if you leave the subsequent windows added in the OR and refer to them in the test, but why is QTP adding extra windows in, when it recognises the original one if you choose highlight in app, regardless of where you are in the Delphi App? Its confusing. My user wants only one main window in the OR and all the objects underneath but of course it wont do it, and for every button she pushes she has to add a new window and objects underneath that window.

Many thanks