Hi All,

I posted this topic in another forum for basic overall Data Migration strategy thoughts, but also wanted to post it directly within the QTP topic since that is my preferred tool for assisting in Testing our SAP Data Migration.

For some background:
...I am looking for input into the development of an SAP Data Migration Test strategy. Essentially we are indentifying existing data in a "source" legacy ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics), and are migrating this data to a new SAP instance. Some data will go over directly, some will be mapped to different types of data, and some will be transformed based on the expected data format rules in the target system.

I am looking for input on a Data Migration test strategy on how to help validate the success of our data migration. I normally would focus on some automation (Using QTP), but also may need to rely on alot of manual verifications. Unfortunately, I've never done this before and am looking for input and insight into how best to approach this. Even if someone could point me to an example document/approach this would be helpful. There is a lot of stuff out there on Google, etc., but I'd rather have input from someone who has DONE it and can point me in the right direction - rather than grabbing strategies off the cuff.

With that being said, I specifically looking for input on how folks may have utilized QTP to approach this topic. How best can we utilize QTP to assist in the validation of data from a "source" system and validate conversions, etc. and transport into the new system.

Anyone have any specific examples in this case? Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!