How can I call another (reusable) action in a BLOB that was sent by SAP eCATT SEND_EXT command to a client PC? I tried in the test Z_MYTEST:

RunAction "Action1 [Z_MYLIB]", oneIteration
RunAction "Action1 [[eCATT] Z_MYLIB : 00000001]", oneIteration
RunAction "Action1 [Z_MYLIB : 00000001]", oneIteration
RunAction "Action1 [Z_MYLIB]", oneIteration
RunAction "Action1 [00000001]", oneIteration

My eCATT script looks like:

SEND_EXT ( Z_MYLIB, 00000001 ).
REF_EXT ( Z_MYTEST, Z_MYTEST_1, 00000001 ).

Basic idea is to have tests which actually contain reusalbe actions (here called Action1 in Z_MYLIB) and a test that actually runs the test and uses the reusable actions.