Using QC92. and QTP 9.5
When I run a set of tests, the automated parameters set in the Test Instance work the first time the test is run but in the second instance the parameters are the same. I have found a page that said this is due to QC creating two connections, which only one is closed between tests. This leaves the parameters in a cache. The recommended fix was to close the connection. However, the script offered does not work and I am sure there must be a more suitable solution. Is there a way of not having QTP close between tests? Is it possible to remotely pass parameters set in each instance?


'Give time for QTP script that called this to finish

WScript.Sleep(10000)....This would not work in QTP

'Access the running QTP application
Set qtApp= GetObject("","QuickTest.Application")

'Close the Quality Center connection, if any
If qtApp.TDConnection.IsConnected Then
End If

'Shut down QTP