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    QTP results in IE browser

    Is there any way to output the QTP results of the test in IE browser with scripting code?
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    Re: QTP results in IE browser


    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    Set oIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
    oIE.Visible = True
    oIE.Navigate2 "about:blank"
    While oIE.Busy: Wend
    oIE.document.write "Processing Login&lt;br/&gt;"
    oIE.document.write "Login Processed&lt;br/&gt;"
    </pre><hr />

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    Re: QTP results in IE browser

    Thanks for your reply!!!

    But I am looking for the results window of QTP, where we have option to export those results to HTML file through
    File -&gt;Export to html file

    Is there any code to generate these results direclty in html file rather than doing manually.
    Certified HP consultant

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    Re: QTP results in IE browser

    Is there any way we can have the same result in the same way as we have in Test Result viewer ie the tree format with Images. I tried to play with the result.xml file but not succeeded any guidance will help.

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    Re: QTP results in IE browser

    Though it halped me partially

    Anyways thanks tarun
    Certified HP consultant



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