Brief Desc :
Hi Everybody. I am facing a issue while trying to delete a action (A2) called using (Call External Action) method into another action A1.
a)I have a test which contains Action A1.
b)I have another test which contains action A2 and A3, in which action A3 is internally called by A2.
c)When I call action A2 from action A1, action A3 is also called simultaneously.
d)I had to delete the call of action A2 drom A1. Hence I right clicked on Action A2 in keyword mode and deleted action A2 from A1. But action A3 (called via action A2) does not get deleted.
e)I am as well unable to delete action A3 from A1 as when I right click on the action A3 the delete option is disabled.
a)I request anybody to let me know as to how to delete the action A3 from A2.
b)Has anybody faced this issue earlier.