Hi All,

In my current project I have to automate Flex based application with QTP 9.5.

I’m new to flex application automation.

I’m not able to configure automation /installation setup with Flex application.

The below tasks I have performed to configure the Flex 2 and QTP 9.5.

QA machine configuration:

1) QTP 9.5
2) QTP_Plugin_Installer.exe(got it from Flex Builder 3)
3) Flash Player 9 ActiveX

Developer’s machine:

1) Flex 2
2) Flex Builder 2
3) AUT

All the automation setup procedure I have followed by the below Adobe link:


In my scenario developers are not preferring to perform - “Test run-time loading” procedure.

So they are using another option which is recompiling with Flex automation library files.

In Flex 3 all the automation/QTP related SWC files are available, but in Flex 2 you can find only “automation.swc” file, if you want “automation_agent.swc”,”qtp.swc” and “automation_agent_rb.swc” you have to install “Flex Automation Installer” plug-in in the developers side to configure above SWC files.(which is not preferable)

Please suggest how I can configure automation related SWC files in the Flex 2.

Is it possible can I copy the “automation_agent.swc”,”qtp.swc” and “automation_agent_rb.swc” files from Flex 3 and deployed it in Flex 2 ?

If any one got the solution for this please suggest/let me know.

Note: When I tried with QTP 9.5 + QTP_Flex_Plugin_Installer with Flex 3 application it was working fine with out any issues.

-Looking forward for your better solutions

Sarath Nalla