Hi friends,
I have a scenario with iframe object ReadyState...

In a page there are some iframe loading different pages inside, and in 1 iframe in which i want to work, i need to wait for its complete synchronization...

so i am looking for

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
iframecurrentstate=B().P().Frame(MyiframeDisc).obj ect.ReadyState

IframeObjectCtrl = browser("").Page("").Frame(MyiframeDisc)
IframecurrentState =IframeObjectCtrl.Object.readyState
If portletcurrentState &lt;&gt; "complete" Then
End If

</pre><hr />

my problem here is IframecurrentState is always returning "complete"
Actually what is happening here is Script is byitself waiting for iframe to load completely..
and not moving to the next line.

same is happening with ".Exist" function, it is not retuning false, but waiting for object (iframe) to load and then it is returning "true", so i can see here auto synchronization which is Wrong!

Please anyone put some more light..