A new public patch was released.
This patch fixes a backward compatibility issue that
occurred when running certain tests in QuickTest 10.00
that were created on earlier versions of QuickTest.
In version 10.00, QuickTest filtered out (did not
identify) window controls that were not visible in the
application you are testing, which improved run-time
However, earlier versions of QuickTest learned these
windows, and thus running such a step that was created in
an earlier version, failed in QuickTest 10.00.

This patch disables the filtering on these invisible
windows, so that the relevant steps can pass.

If you want to reenable the filtering (for performance
reasons), set the 'SkipWndMovedOut' registry key value as
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest

Additional information about this patch and the patch download are available at the HP Software Support Online website:

Roy Nuriel