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    Webservices add-in


    I am new to web services. Can anyone tell how can I get add-in for webservices for my QTP 9.5


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    Re: Webservices add-in

    Please Contact HP


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    Re: Webservices add-in

    As Pavan suggested, Contact HP and get the trial version of Web services add-in which would help in doing POC (proof of concept).

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    Re: Webservices add-in

    Thanks. I got it installed now.

    I want to learn web services testing...do you know any tutorial or any best way to start with ?

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    Re: Webservices add-in

    Webservice testing is a seperate track.
    i am not sure if this is the right forum to discuss.

    there are different webservice testing tools available in market which are specially created for webservice testing. if your requirement is only to test the services I guess any one of the webservice testing tools would be better compared to QTP.



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