Hi Friends...

Dynamicdom 2.0 is coming soon...

<u>Features 2.0: </u>

<ul type="square"> [*] Added Direct JS execution Method (for JavaScript testing)[*] Synchronies Functions Wait(Seconds) and Object Sync Methods[*] Added extended dialog handling support (mydialog.Click, mydialog.GetText) [*] DynamicDOM 2.0 can now Work with multiple browsers simultaneously (CreateBrowse, GetBrowser)[*] Browser State handling support (minimize , maximize, restore) [*] Close single browser, close all browser [*] Return type Enhancement ArrayString to Array, now DynamicDOM directly return data in array.[/list]
<u>Features 1.0: </u>
<ul type="square"> [*] DynamicDOM is a win32 COM, so its support many windows based programming languages. VBscript, Visual Basic 6, visual C++, C#,J#, VB.net and many more [*]It Works with Open source language such as Ruby as a win32ole object, python, and many others. [*]It has no UI, and can be used by developers for there web automation tool development. [*]It is free for commercial use (Please read license teams)[*] DynamicDOM is the most compelling alternative [to Fit] for filling the automated acceptance testing need.[/list]

More details http://mad4test.blogspot.com/2009/06...micdom-20.html