Sorry for the vague description I am about to offer.

I was using QTP 9.2 with my AUT dot net 1.1 and Infragistics 2007 v 1.

And life was relatively good, my script were running fine.

The new release of my AUT uses dot net 2 and Infragistics 2008 v 2.

I upgraded to TestAdvantage 2008 v 2 and changed my QtPro.exe.Config to point to v2.0.50727 (as I had this set to 1.1 for the previous dot net 1.1 release).

And now life is not so good. I would 90% of my code works fine, but... I am having problems with grids with a split in them, QTP/Infragistics can't get focus on the right side of the grid - they tell me the only thing different is the new version of Infragistics otherwise the grids are the same as they were in the previous version.

They put a (new) Infragistics ultralist - and some methods work like 'getsubitem', but others like 'getitem' do not.

Anybody been down this path (or a similar one) and have some advice?

I'm kind of lost since I'm not sure if I should blame Infragistics, QTP or the AUT.