I need to Test an web application created using the Nexaweb technology.
If i were to spy the objects in the application, i get the heirarchy as follows:
Browser("xyz").Page("xyz").JavaApplet("abc").JavaO bject("NTextField")
Here a text field is recognized as as NTextField, a Button as NButton which are of type Java Object.
There is no way to uniquely identify the an text field or a button and they get added in to the repository via index.

I happened to find a solution in which i create a description object with some base minimum properties like "tagname" and "toolkit class" to get the list of objects belong to the same category of say "NTextField" of type Java Object. The ni use the .object property to expose the internal methods of the object.

The problem is that suppose there is a JavaObject of type "NTreeTable" and one the methods which get exposed for this object is getCellText which unlike regular case excepts 2 parameter values of type NRow and NColumn instead of Row and Column. So whether i pass integer values or string values, i get a type mistmatch error.

Also i fail to understand that the methods exposed using the above method is completely different from the methods exposed by the Test API of Nexaweb (available at its Website).

I dont intend to use the method recommended by Nexaweb to identify objects as that requires browsing through the NXML files ( type of xml file to render UI) and find the name of the object within it (which is really difficult for a big file).

Can somebody give some inputs on this if you have experience of working with Nexaweb objects?