in my application i have two scenario.

1. one is search a record and click it for updation. Hence user can provide record name by datatable.

2. Second is user will search a record and iff record is inactive then it will show a "Delete" icon (Its a image) in same row.Here again user will provide record name by Datafile.

Also in search result there can be more than 1 records.

For first scenario i wrote (strLinkValue is record name from datafile):

do While (blnvalue)

rowCount = B().P().WebTable(objWebTable).RowCount

For itr= 2 to rowCount

strLinkName = trim(B().P().WebTable(objWebTable).GetCellData(itr , 1))

If strLinkName = strLinkValue Then

B().P().Link("text:= " & strLinkValue).Click

blnvalue =0
End If

If B().P().Link("text:= Next" ). Exist(1) Then

B().P().Link("text:= Next").Click

blnvalue =0
'Reporter.ReportEvent micFail, "Checking Link status", "Set name is Not present in the search"

End If

End If

Please suggest how to delete the desired record.(i'm assuming its inactive and delete image is displaying)