Product name: QuickTest Professional
Product version: 9.5
Product ID: QTPRPID9.5/01
Product build: 194
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2(Build 2600)
Internet Explorer version: 6.0.2900.2180
Quality Center connectivity:

Not sure if this should be in this forum or the Quality Center (Test Director forum. It contains part of both products).

Hi. I am creating web service scripts in QTP. I have no issues running the web service script in QTP. In order to intially set up the web service checkpoints in QTP, you do an "Automation->Update Run Mode->Update Checkpoint and output value properties". Once again, no issue. Is there any way, in the Quality Center test lab to specify "update run mode" as opposed to just run the script? Is there something that could be put in the script to say "do an update run mode"? I am not using the Automation Object Model and do not intend to. I do know from research you can use the AOM and set those update run options, but I want everything to be done via Quality Center.