I am working on application in which we supply some data and click on the View link, opens an excel file instance within the browser itself. This is basically a report which gets generated.
When i try to identify the contents within this report, i get the object hierarchy as follows:
Browser("Enterprise").Page("Enterprise").Frame("Co ntentIFrame").WinObject("Allocation (05-21-2009)").

The problem is that i cannot validate the contents of this report as QTP does not identify the contents within it.

An excel process appears in the task manager as soon as the report gets rendered in the application and a temporary excel file gets generated in the "Temporary Internet Files" folder. On clicking this file, we are navigated to an ip address of the server where this file is located.

Can somebody tell me how can i get a handle to this excel object instance so that i can access individual cells and do data validations.