Hi all, I tried to search, however did not get an answer.
The thing is I am testing one application and it has two ways to show one specific field. Protected( I cannot do anything with it) and not. I used DP to identify this field. In the window where protected field is not there, QTP takes about 20 sec to sync to identify protected field in order to bypass it. I do know about File->Settings->Run tab part. However, is there a way to bypass this sync at least to do it faster than 20 sec in the code itself?
For one account I might have several windows with that field which QTP script changes or not. SO if field is ok to change, QTT script take 20 sec to wait nad let's say I have about 5 windows like for one aco****, it will be 5*20=100 sec=1 min 40 sec per account and I do have let's say 100 accounts. I am trying to save time and option in File is not relevant for me.
the code below:
strProtected = .TeField("field id:=976", "protected:=True", "text:=000-000").Exist
strRow1 = "13"
strCol1 = "16"
If strProtected = False Then
For i = strCol1 To 72 Step 8
If TRIM(.GetText (strRow1, i, strRow1, i)) <> "" Then
.SetText strRow1, i, "000-000"
End If
End If

Any help appreciated.