Ok - maybe this is easier that I am making it out to be...BUT...I am trying to compare the data from two runtime data sheets.

As background, I am extracting all the data from a WbfGrid and writing it to a Local Sheet I create at runtime. I am running this for one date, and then re-running against another date which also creates a runtime sheet. I'd like to figure out a way to compare the two runtime sheets at runtime to ensure the data is consistent and/or highlight the differences.

Sample code from the extraction, but once extraction is completed - I would like to compare the two sheets. Any ideas?

ReportLink = datatable("ReportLink",dtGlobalSheet)
ReportLink = (ReportLink&"_"&ReportDate1)

Set Table = Browser("Report Manager").Page("CADET").WbfGrid("ResultsGrid")
ColCount = Table.ColumnCount(1)
'ColCount = Browser("Report Manager").Page("CADET").WbfGrid("ResultsGrid").Col umnCount(1)

RowCount = Table.RowCount()

For i = 1 to ColCount
'For i = 1 to 2

Header = Table.GetCellData (1, i)
If Header = " " Then
Header = i
End If
Header = Replace(Header, " ", "_")
Header = Replace(Header, ":", "")
Header = Replace(Header, "/", "")
Header = Replace(Header, "(-)", "minus")
Header = Replace(Header, "(+)", "plus")
Header = "_" & Header
'add a new column
DataTable.GetSheet(ReportLink).AddParameter Header, Header

For j = 1 to RowCount
ReportData = Table.GetCellData (j, i)
DataTable.Value (Header, ReportLink) = ReportData