Hello All,

Did search the forums, got few answers but still unable to find the solution.

Question: How to uniquely identify multiple swfwindow objects?

I am working on a .Net standalone application, where in I open 2 forms which share the same swfname, regexpwndclass. The 2 swfwindows have unique window id, hwnd, regexpwndtitle and text. I am trying to bring in focus (activate) one of the 2 forms to fetch the values from the respective form alternatively because the data in it dynamically changes with the changes to them in their parent form.

While working with only 1 form QTP happily recognizes everything, but now when I have 2 forms it is failing to recognize which I understand. I tried all my odds by using DP and using all the above unique properties in the statement and also used the indexes during runtime but couldn’t identify.

What do I have to do to make QTP identify the 2 swfwindows uniquely.