Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone know how trigger keyUP on particular input field.
I'm testing typeahead functionality and having problem on IE6.

The following code is working just fine on IE7 but on IE6 the text gets highlighted at step #2 and when #3 executed the text gets erased. I looked javascript code and know for sure that javascript listening keyUP event for the action.

1. Browser("BR").Page("P").WebElement("TypeAhead").We bEdit("input").Set sPattern
2. Browser("BR").Page("P").WebElement("TypeAhead").We bEdit("input").Click micNoCoordinate, micNoCoordinate,micLeftBtn
3. Browser("Browser").Page("SharedDP").PressKey " "
wait 5

Public Function PressKey( Obj, sKey )
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.sendKeys sKey
Set WshShell = nothing
End Function
RegisterUserFunc "Page", "PressKey", "PressKey", True

Thank you for suggestions.