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    Device Replay Questions QTP 9.1

    Please explain this code:

    X=OracleFormWindow("EQNCQNRDIS_2").OracleTable("QN R_SEARCH_LIST").GetROProperty("abs_x")
    Y=OracleFormWindow("EQNCQNRDIS_2").OracleTable("QN R_SEARCH_LIST").GetROProperty("abs_y")
    Set Dr = CreateObject("Mercury.DeviceReplay")
    Dr.MouseDblClick x + Offset_Across, y + Offset_Down, 0

    What do the x & y value represent?
    Offset_Across = What does this mean?
    Offset_Down = What does this mean?
    The last statement = Why add x + each offsets? What is value of 0 at end of statement?


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    Re: Device Replay Questions QTP 9.1

    x and y are coordinates which had taken from the run time object properties of the table QNR_SEARCH_LIST
    it will add 500 and 100 to that x-coordinate and y- coordinate by the Offset_Across=500 (2 variables only)
    It is the double clicking the Mouse on that coordinates



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