Hi, I know this is going to sound like a weird question but I want to put some doubt I have to rest regarding QTP 9.2 testing a web application in IE 6 & 7. No additional plugins are being used, it is straightforward web testing.

When we run our QTP regression set on the web app it works and runs fine, however our development team keeps reporting random web service errors in the environment (supposedly when the QTP scripts are executing on multiple machines). Naturally being developers the common knee jerk reaction they have is to blame the automation engine they dont understand on causing the web service errors because they are otherwise unable to explain the errors and they are unable to find a repeatable way of reproducing the errors through any manual method.

Now I have been using QTP for a while and I have never seen, read or heard of QTP ever causing these kinds of web application errors (it would be a big flaw in QTP if it did obviously), so I am incredibly sceptical that it could possibly be the cause of the random web service issues. More likely the development team is clutching at straws in my opinion. But we have done some monitoring and are also unable to pinpoint or discover any common area in the scripts or common automated tests that are running and at the same time as the web service errors occur.

So my question is, has anyone ever seen or heard of QTP 9.2 having this kind of affect in a web application somehow? I have searched a bit around this and have nothing to suggest anyone has.

Our dev team has added additional logging I believe to help catch the problem but so far nothing has come out of it, and until we get some sort of root cause I have a feeling in the back of their head they will always believe the automation tests are the cause.

For reference the functionality of the automated tests are nothing out of the ordinary, the usual kind of functional testing like clicking buttons, entering text, selecting drop downs and opening windows etc etc, so nothing overly complex or uncommon.

If anyone has any pointers or suggestions it would be appreciated. thanks.