hi ,

I am trying the following snippet of code to download an attachment from a folder in QC

Set TreeMgr = udv_tdc.TreeManager
tsFolderPath="Subject\_Masters_\FT_Global_Master\M-Experiences\Nokia_Music_Store\Service QA automation scripts\Libraries"
Set labFolder = TreeMgr.NodeByPath(tsFolderPath)
Set attach_factory=labFolder.Attachments
Set attachList = attach_factory.NewList("")

For i=1 to attachList.Count

Set attach_obj=attachList(i)
print "attachment name=" & attach_obj.filename
Dim loadPath
loadPath="C:\Vikas\backup of qtp scripts\May 2009"
Call attach_obj.Load (True, loadPath)
print "load path = " & loadPath


But for some strange reason , an error shows up for the line
Call attach_obj.Load (True, loadPath)
I had also used
attach_obj.Load True, loadPath
I checked out the object description in help, and there's nothing much there.
I cant figure out how else to use this Subroutine to download attachment

Can anyone please help

Vikas <font color="red"> </font> <font color="red"> </font>