In My application the treelist contains three columns, one is the node name, second is the column with checkbox and the third is the comboboxedit.

I hav to do the automation for checking the checkbox in column2 and selecting a value from combobox in column3 based on the column1 node name.

I am trying to pass the treelist object to the dll developed using the .Net Add-in Extensibility documentation and set the values of the colmuns 2,3.

I implemented only the run phase so tht from qtp the control goes directly to the run phase of the dll.

I am using the commands
obj = SwfWindow("ATRMS_UI").SwfObject("lstSelectedLevel" )
SwfWindow("ATRMS_UI").SwfObject("lstSelectedLevel" ).setthevalues obj
to invoke the dll. setthevalues is the method with input parameter treelist object.
SwfObject("lstSelectedLevel") is the treelist.

with this i am getting the error - "Object does not support this property or method"

If I use the command
SwfWindow("ATRMS_UI").SwfObject("lstSelectedLevel" ).setthevalues SwfWindow("ATRMS_UI").SwfObject("lstSelectedLevel" )
i get the error "Class does not support automation"

Is there any way to pass the treelist object to the dll or without the dll can i set the values of the columns 2,3 with the vbscript.