I am automating an app that basically returns reports in a web browser. (IBI Web Focus) The standard actions are fill in report parameters (date, client,etc.),in a filter window, then wait til the data is processed and confirm that the report displayed. First problem, I am trying to use the WaitProperty method to tell when the report is displayed. When the filter submits the request, a new browser opens that is blank and the header title just displays the server name. When the report is displayed the browser title changes to the report name. However, some of these reports do alot of processing and can take several minutes to come back. Is my only option to set the wait time to 5 minutes or something like that or is there a way that QTP will just wait til the window displays the report?
Secondly, What property do I use to check the browser header name? For example, the header title for the SQA page is 'Software Quality Assurance Forums...' If I look at the props for the browser I don't see a name or title property???