Hi am doing some R&D HTML Table objects on the web. As many of us have experienced that Tables and Grids have major role in web applications testing
Therefore a common function (framework) is very much important to have to work with grids, which makes some common useful tasks.

Few common functions examples are.
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
myCell = getCell(Gridobject,row,cols)
myCellData = myCell.GetCellData
Msgbox Finddata(Gridobject,startRow,startcol,texttofind) ‘Boolean
</pre><hr />

Issue: QTP object identification issues with “WebTable” and “WbfGrid”

Test 1:
If I enable QTP .Net plugin for a server side grid QTP recognizes it’s a WbfGrid and if we do not use the said plugin it recognizes it’s as a WebTable.

Test 2:
Enable .Net plugin Save that WbfGrid view source it should and now spy it doesn’t recognize it as a WbfGrid and from saved source it will consider it WebTable only.

Test 3:
If we testes spying Grid made out of .Net Repeater Control, it recognize as it is a WebTable only.

What is there in view source which makes the HTML, recognized as WbfGrid and or WebTabale, I wanted to identify that property which will help me to make my DP objects for the above stated framework.