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    Lock and Unlock File for Writting Runtime Result

    Hi All,

    In our current assignment we are writting test result in a excel file. The file is available on the server and lots of testers are using the same file for writting result at runtime using Automated Scripts. Now at one time only one test script can write this file.
    I dont know how to lock and unlock the file so that different people who are also running the scripts can use this file.
    I also want that if a test script is writting results on excel file second test script should wait until the file is made available for writting.

    Please let me know if you need any more clarification(s)......


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    Re: Lock and Unlock File for Writting Runtime Res

    Instead of storing Excel file with Results on Server,
    I keep it on every tester's local machine,
    to avoid mess in Results and locking file problem.
    Test Cases are located on Server and reachable to everybody,
    but writing result code in every Test Case is develop to point to local machine
    (it should be the same path for every tester's machine).
    So, no matter how many testers would be running the same Test Case - Result will be written on his\her local machine.
    It is very clean approach to use multiple resources.




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