I have a form with lot of fields to fill in. I have those values in variables. After submitting the form, this saves as a paragraph in text area control.
My scenario is to check the text area in which a particular line of text, in which certain words change based on user input. I tried using Text Area Check point but could not succeed.

in the application it displays as: <font color="green">
Vital Signs: Temperature: 84.0 F Oral, Pulse: 134, Respiration: 15, Blood Pressure: Unable To Obtain, S02: 50% on Room air, Init.JF </font>

Now i want to parametrize this string where the number will change based on user input. I want to test this string with replaced values every time.

I tried like this: taking everything into a string and taking the whole text area into a variable and using INSTR function.

<font color="blue">
vitalStringUTO = "Vital Signs: Temperature: " &amp; expTemp &amp; ".0 F " &amp; expTempMeasurement &amp; ", Pulse: " &amp; expPulse &amp; ", Respiration: " &amp; expResp &amp; ", Blood Pressure: Unable To Obtain, SO2: " &amp; expSO2 &amp; "% on Room Air , Init.JF" </font>

am I doing correct or any other way to handle these types.