Please, I need some help...

I've managed to make QTP recognize my custom controls very effectively using WebExtensibility until now. I already added about 20 controls out of 30... So now I am stuck at one.

When viewing the source code, I have the following code:

<!-- Allergy -->
<gm:Control type="Narrative" id="snpAllergy" dataField="true" ropertyName="Patient.Allergies.DataSource" readOnly="" editable="" changed="false" classType="Allergy" xmlDataName="allergies" snippet="true" >...some code </gm:Control>
... more code.

So I have created an object called a SnippetNarrative using:

<Conditions type="IdentifyIfPropMatch" logic="and">
<Condition prop_name="tagName" expected_value="Control" />
<Condition prop_name="snippet" expected_value="true" />
<Condition prop_name="type" expected_value="Narrative" />

And it successfully identifies the object in the correct class.

For the recognition properties I've chosen:

<IdentificationProperty ForDefaultVerification="true" ForVerification="true" ForDescription="true" Name="id" />
<IdentificationProperty ForDefaultVerification="true" ForVerification="true" ForDescription="true" Name="type" />
<IdentificationProperty ForDefaultVerification="true" ForVerification="true" ForDescription="true" Name="snippet" />

And this properties get successfully added to my OR when Adding the object. So I get as a result in my OR an object called SnippetNarrative with properties:
type: Narrative
snippet: true
id: snpAllergy

*** THE PROBLEM IS.... once I added this to the OR, I try to highlight, or interact with it in anyway, like I've done with the other objects, this one returns an error saying "The properties match more than one object" ... so I search the source code, and there is only ONE ocurrance of an id: snpAllergy so that alone should be sufficient, let alone, theres only one ocurrance of a type/snippet/id combination. So what is QTP finding that matches my id and the other properties and how can I fix it? I can't add more properties, since they are dynamic, or do match other "snippets" ...

please help.. thank you.