I've with problems with drag and drop a box...
i've tried yet with Drag/drop method obtaining first the x,y coordinates:
x1= Browser("Shopping").Page("Shopping").WebElement("A AA").getRoProperty("x")
y1= Browser("Shopping").Page("Shopping").WebElement("A AA").getRoProperty("y")
Browser("Shopping").Page("Shopping").WebElement("A AA").Drag x1, y1
x2= Browser("Shopping").Page("Shopping").WebElement("B BB").getRoProperty("x")
y2= Browser("Shopping").Page("Shopping").WebElement("B BB").getRoProperty("y")
Browser("Shopping").Page("Shopping").WebElement("B BB").Drop x2, y2

Costumizing web event recording (option tools menu) for the webelement (see attched File) also does'nt work. QTP records FireEvent Method onmousedown" ď onmouseup".
I included the event onmouseover because the box changes the color when the mouse passes over and itís the moment when we can drag the obj.
Anyone have any suggestion? The application as many drags ans drops...