QT V10.0

I've been using the application for about 10 days now. I created multiple tests and have retrieved results. I have encountered no errors, until today.

Today (3/18) when I clicked 'Record' for a new test or 'Test' for a previously saved test the browser window pops-up and runs the page, as it should, THEN is minimized on the task bar. So, all i can now see is QTPv10.0 running/recording the test. I can click the browser on the task bar; however, it will not appear/maximize.

This makes 'recording' ineffective as I can't select/type in any fields.

When I attempt to 'test', it again will minimize on the task bar. Also, it will encounter an error when running the 1st action of the test (in this case, entering the user name).

Any suggestions?

Thank you.