I'm not able to record or run any scripts using QTP 9.2

Initally I had IE6.0 and VS 2008(Test Version for checking the Automation features).
I was able to excute Scripts and everything was fine.
Then later I had to install VS TFS 2005. From then started the problem I was getting error "Visual Studio Just In Time Debugger" with Possible debuggers
New instance of visual studio 2005
New instance of visual studio 2008

and when i said no it used to closed all the browsers.

Then I had to install IE 7.0 stand alone version which was even worse and from then I was not even able to record scripts.

Then I removed IE 7.0,VS studio 2008 even the same problem so eventually i was fed up and then removed 2005 as well.

Now I'm getting the following error "An Unhandled win32 exception occured in iexplore.exe [4556].
Just in time debugging this exception failed with the following error : No installed debugged has Jusgt-In-Time debugging enabled.
In Visual studio, Just-In-Time debugging can be enabled from Tools/Options?debugging/Just-In-Time

And then it closes .

Any help on this is really appreciated. Thanks in Advance.