Hi All,

I am using QTP 9.2 to work with AcxTable.

I want to get the x/y coordinates, width and height of a cell of this AcxTable.

The code I am using is as follows:

Dim cell_x, cell_y, cell_width, cell_height, row_num, col_num

row_num = 10
col_num = 5

Window("Winddow Name").Window("Window Name").AcxTable("ActiveX Table Name").Object.GetCellPos col_num,row_num,cell_x,cell_y,cell_width,cell_heig ht

However, on executing the above code, QTP is throwing an error saying 'Type mismatch: Window("..").Window("..").AcxTable("..").Object.Ge tCellPos

Is anybody facing or has faced similar error?

Please let me know if I need to take care of any point which I am overlooking currently.