i need to identify application id for eg: the application with id 3445675.my team is not using any terminal emulater addin instead they are using some functions.
The application id appears anywhere on the screen, basically its in a queue.when i go in the screen, the applications are in the below fashion.
iam using functions like s0.autECLPS.SetCursorPos Row,Col
s0.autECLPS.GetText(Row,Col,Len),to place the cursor at the desired location and to retrieve the text.
My problem is these application id change the location dynamically,bascially it depends on the number of applications in the queue.
For eg:In this context:
My desired application id has row number and column number as 3,1 again these value changes, i cant identify the property since we are not using any TE addin.
Is there any way that i can distinguish the right application id.Any help will be really appreciated.