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    QuickTest Print Log


    Am using the method "Print" in QTP to get the log files during run time.

    Once the run session ends, the QTP Print log file appears.
    Is there any method to save the QuickTest Print Log?


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    Re: QuickTest Print Log

    you can get text from it:

    strText = Window("regexpwndtitle:=QuickTest Print Log").WinEditor("nativeclass:=Edit").GetROPropert y ("text")

    then you can save it with Filesystemobject as a textfile.
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    Re: QuickTest Print Log

    Alternatively you could output to a simple file using the file system object in the first place instead of using print.

    A good general policy would be to call a function for logging and decide in the function how to log the data.

    You could then output to the QTP log file, a flat file, a system log, a spreadhseet or a message box and only have to change your code in one place.
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    Re: QuickTest Print Log

    Thank You. It was helpful



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