I have tests that are in different projects, but are used together. The first is from our "front" end consumer site and the second is our "back end" policy issuance system. Instead of running tests from one project, then running from the second project, I'm trying to run the first test from a command line. Here is the code, it just locked up the system.

Dim qtApp 'As QuickTest.Application ' Declare the Application object variable
Dim qtTest 'As QuickTest.Test ' Declare a Test object variable

Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object
qtApp.Launch ' Start QuickTest
qtApp.Visible = True ' Make the QuickTest application visible

qtApp.Open "G:\AEx_QC\tests\TXWCLG Rating", True ' Open the test in read-only mode

' set run settings for the test
Set qtTest = qtApp.Test
qtTest.Run ' Run the test
'Greg commented out the results part
'WScript.StdOut.Write "Status is:" & qtTest.LastRunResults.Status ' Check the results of the test run
'qtTest.Close ' Close the test

Set qtResultsOpt = Nothing ' Release the Run Results Options object
Set qtTest = Nothing ' Release the Test object
Set qtApp = Nothing ' Release the Application object