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    QTP10 object indentification issues


    I'm currently migrating some existing, known-working scripts from QTP9.5 -> QTP10 and having some issues with object identification.

    The AUT was built on .NET2.0 and the scripts make frequent reference to SwfToolbar objects. QTP10 does not appear to be able to manipulate these controls how I'd like to (despite being able to 'find in application' via the OR).

    When rerecording, they are picked up in QTP10 as SwfObjects, which don't allow for as much flexiblity.

    I've seen similar posts here although not similar enough - my issue only exists in QTP10.

    p39 of the ReadMe for QTP10 hints about difficulties with SwfToolbars however I don't think the scenario described matches mine exactly (although I have tried to follow its advice).

    Any suggestions? Has anyone managed to successfully identify / use an SwfToolbar since upgrading? I've checked the obvious (record in all applications / .NET addin loaded).

    ps. I'm loving the enhanced Delphi support in 10. Much more robust than the beta addin for 9.5.

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    Re: QTP10 object indentification issues

    I've been investigating this further and have ascertained that the issue is how QTP sees the individual items included in the SwfToolbar collection.

    Eg. If I run the following on my 9.2 / 9.5 install:

    swfwindow("AUT").SwfToolbar("toolStrip1").Press "Remove"

    I get the expected behaviour; in 10 I get:

    "Cannot identify the specified item of the toolStrip1 object. Confirm that the specified item is included in the object's item collection."

    If I run:
    msgbox(swfwindow("AUT").SwfToolbar("toolStrip1").G etContent())

    I get the expected list of items in 9.2 / 9.5 and a blank msgbox in 10.

    The OR still gives the correct "highlight in application" OR behaviour in QTP10 for the SwfToolber object's description, however attempting to rerecord will result in an SwfObject being inserted into the OR and the script.

    Thought I'd pop in and add this information in case it helps.



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