I want to check the 'ListFillrange' property of a SwfcomboBox. Basically, the 'ListFillRange' is used to define the elements in a drop-down box. So for a drop-down box which is used to input a state in USA, there will be 50 elements.

anyway, I have a few Swfcomboboxes which have different values for 'ListFillRange' depending on various inputs. Is there any way to check if the 'ListFillRange' is correct?

I mean, I did do a 'GetContent' but for some reason I cant get the entire string.

I mean, if A = Object.Object.Getcontent

and if I do msgbox(A), I will get all the elements arranged row-wise.

Lets assume the 'ListfillRange' for a particular combobox would consist of three values, namely, NY, NJ and CA.

Now if 'A = Object.Object.GetContent'

What is A?

I mean, if i do msgbox(A) - i would get

But what is the value of A represented as a string with special characters?