In our Application page links are displaying like 1234...etc

Suppose if we have 12 pages of data application displaying the page links like 12345678910... both 11th page and 12th pages are hiding. If we click on "..." link then its showing 11th and 12th pages.

Here the problem is if we take column count its returning only 11 not 12 how to get the total column count including hided pages also.

i used the following code:

Set Lnk = Description.Create()

Lnk("micclass").Value = "Link"

Set LnkPres = Browser("Manage Users").Page("Manage Users").WebTable("1").ChildObjects(Lnk)

LnkCnt = LnkPres.Count

MsgBox "Total Links Present in WebTable are " & LnkCnt

please help me on this..