Hi All,

I've posted a few times regarding developing requirements documents for test tool acquisition. I am further in need of assistance regarding a formal RFQ/RFP for this same purpose.

We have narrowed our focus down to HP/Mercury and IBM/Rational for formal quoting/responses. Unfortunately, I've never done this before, as the tools have always been in place wherever I've been. We are specifically looking at the following tools from each:

HP Quality Center
HP QuickTest Professional
HP LoadRunner
IBM Rational Quality Manager
IBM Functional Tester
IBM Performance Tester

Can anyone point me to a great example RFP document? Not necessarily looking for a template, but want to see actual items submitted to the vendor for a response. If you have something specific to the vendors I've highlighted, even better! I don't want someone to do my job for me - just help me do it BETTER!

I appreciate any and ALL assistance.