Hi All,

Sorry guys, this is my 3rd or 4th post on same topic CRM Sales Logix automation,
and i am still struggling to get their solution
so,please help me to have their answers.

I have finished automating VB .net application & have been given saleslogix for automation which I am new to. I just wanted to clear few things

1.what are the addIn available for Sales Logix
2.Can I use same QTP license for CRM automation, afcourse we need to buy add In license though

3. Is there any additional programm for presentation layer like
(Infragisitc TestAdvantage for window forms) in order to have complete automated UI testing support for Tablegrid,Cells instead of generic
mouse click co-ordinate.

note: CRM Sales logix is installed on Window XP

Any suggestion / thought would be highly appreciate.
Can i get any kind of help from mercuy people.

Thank a lot for youe time

Avanti k