I tried this on the QC forums but there's no traction at all... thought to try here since it is QTP related as well.

Here is the original post:

The problem:
I need to be able to have BPT keyword business components / test scripts read data from an external source (e.g. XLS). Testers maintain data in the spreadsheets (e.g. data values, number of rows / iterations).

I know that I can read and update parameter values from an external datasheet during runtime.

Is there any way to also update the number of required component iterations at runtime?

What are any other alternative approaches? Importing the XLS data manually prior to a run is not really an option given the amount of time this would take for say ~300 test scripts. Storing the data directly in QC at the Test Plan level is also difficult since some data is extremely sensitive. Also, I know this would be very easy if using Scripted components (since that would just use the standard QTP datatable), but I would like to use keyword components.