Hi There,

Hope things are going great with all your guys. I am having a problem with QTP 9.5 with QC 8.1.

I have a QTP script which installs my application over night, I have another vbs script which runs a test set from QC using QC APIs. I scheduled this vbs script to run every night. Previously when I was running on QTP 9.1 it was running fine but now after upgrading to QTP 9.5, QTP taking lot of processing time which in turn makes the installer to run very very slow and in turn my script is failing.

From Task Manager I see that “wexectrl.exe” is taking lot of processing time (60 – 70%) after upgrading to QTP 9.5.

My test machine has 1GB RAM on it, but when I was on QTP 9.1 it used run on 512MB with out any problem. Now after upgrading to 9.5 even with 1GB RAM it’s giving me problem.

Anybody experiencing this problem.

Your inputs would be appreciated.