I am facing a 100% reproducible problem with QTP 9.5

I am getting the error message on viewing results:

"These results were generated with a later version of QuickTest Professional."

I have written a test, and the two things that were done differently than before were:

1. Turned on movie recording for errors on run on options.
note this did not alone appear to cause an issue as my scripts ran fine with this option, and results appeared.

2. Used low level recording for one mouse click for an object that I could not identify otherwise.

I recreated the script from scratch after a complete restart just to make sure there was no corruption of the script or its elements.

I've searched the threads here - and it looks like there is a suggestion to turn off movie recording, I have done this and now I am getting viewable results again.

Anyone who's talked to HP got an update on this issue - seems to be one going back to 9.1/2 ...