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    How to update ordinal identifier property value

    Hello All,
    how to update the ordinal identifier value in TSR file?
    I am using descriptive programming, I use excel sheet as my repository for storing objects and its properties. If any change in the properties and its value from version to version, out of it I will create shared object repository and takes back up. This will useful for me for monitoring object properties and its values.
    While I am creating the object repository from excel, e.g: I have property called index and its value is 5 for one of the object. After creating shared object repository the ordinal identifiers are adding into the Descriptive section. But not in ordinal identifier section. Can any body help me how to add the ordinal identifiers in ordinal identifier section?

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    Re: How to update ordinal identifier property valu

    how are you creating the OR?

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    Re: How to update ordinal identifier property valu

    The following steps:
    1. I learn all the object properties from excel into the dictonary object.
    2. Load the empty tsr file.
    3. Create the object for each class
    4. Add propertie to the object
    5. Add the object to parent node in tsr

    The follwoing code for creating the object class for web button.
    Set objButton = CreateObject("Mercury.WebButton")
    objButton.SetTOProperty "micclass", "WebButton"
    arrPropertyValues= objDictPropertyNameValue.items
    arrPropertyNames = objDictPropertyNameValue.Keys
    For intcount = 0 To ubound(arrPropertyNames)
    objButton.SetTOProperty arrPropertyNames(intcount ), arrPropertyValues(intcount )

    The follwoing code for adding to the parent node in tsr file

    objRepository.AddObject( objObject, objParent, strLogicalName)

    In the above code if i have property index and its value is 6 then this property is adding into description section but not into ordinal identifier section. If i open this tsr and select this object, if click on "higlight in Appliation" then this object is not highlighting in application.

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    Re: How to update ordinal identifier property valu

    Why are you creating a OR in this way? i am still getting the usability part of this.



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