Hi Guys,

I am getting an issue with 2 objects in QTP which are recognized as winobjects. This application is developed in Jam which uses C underneath.

One object is a Edit box.I had mapped it to the editbox using user defined object identification which is working in most cases.(Standard Windows environment)

In a different screen I have a mulitline edit box which I am mapping to a multiline edit box.But in this case the getvisible text property is returning only the visible part of edit box.It does not return the part for which u need to scroll down.

Neither does the Getroproperty(“text”) work. It returns empty for all such objects even after mapping them to SingleLine/Multiline. Spying on the object yields an empty text value

Can anybody give suggestion as to how to retrieve the text.

The second object is a table. Cant map to a table as there is no table in Standard Windows environment.

IS descriptive programming the answer ?

Appreciate any help that you all can provide.