We have some existing QTP 9.5 scripts that were coded using JRE 1.5.16. These used descriptive text to recognise the existence of the Login dialog box of an Oracle App server. This has worked fine until we moved to JRE 1.6.x where it now appears that these objects are not recognised all the time, sometimes however they are!

I've re-recorded the login using the Object Repository instead and this seems to work every time. Interestingly enough examining the Objects in the OR indicates that the syntax is still the same as the descriptive text!!!

The login code is contained in a *.vbs script that is called by the main code and as its a common VBS library file I don't think it can contain an OR.

Is there an easy fix to this or do we have to think about coding everything in the OR and including the login VBS script into the main code?

Any ideas will be much appreciated.