In my QTP script, I set an output parameter on line 15:
TestArgs("ManualVerification") = manualStep1

When I run this script using cmdrv.exe, I see below in the log file:

Virtual User Script started [MsgId: MMSG-15967]
Running Vuser... [MsgId: MMSG-15964]
Starting action Action1. [MsgId: MMSG-15919]
<font color="red"> Error: Line(15): This key is already associated with an element of this collection. </font> [MsgId: MERR-23001]
Ending action Action1. [MsgId: MMSG-15918]
Ending Vuser... [MsgId: MMSG-15966]
Vuser Terminated. [MsgId: MMSG-15963]
Vuser 0 (thread 4996), ended OK." [MsgId: MMSG-10695]