Hi Folks,

I actually had a doubt in running a batch tests. That i got it. Thanks for your support.

I have one more doubt.
I have some commands in the batch file.
Those run locallly on my machine.

using qtp or with out qtp how can i run those, on a different machine.
One sceario is i have to write a qtp script to login to that machine and execute the commands.

Like my machine , eg : , is and it works fine here.
Now from my machine i want to put it to which can have either Solaris environment or Unix enviroment.

One of the Commands of my batch file is as follows :

call "C:\FNM115\Manager\Flexnet.bat" report Summary -host http://localhost:8888 -user admin -password admin -output UOT_Report -output_dir C:\FNM115\O -uot -jpeg -startdate "07/25/2007_10:50:00" -enddate "07/25/2009_12:00:00" > F:\A\test1.txt