Hi, all
Our Flex Application's development uses the cairngorm framework. One strange thing is that a pop up titlewindow under this framework cannot be seen by QTP. It seems transparent to QTP.

Some details:
1. the pop up titlewindow is a customized control that extends mx.containers.TitleWindow
2.the event flow: choosing a item from a combobox will pop up the customized title window with some specified content.

Code is like this:
//wrap event that trigger that pop up titlewindow
var evt : ShowProductsByOrgEvt = new ShowProductsByOrgEvt (orgID,DisplayObject( this.parentApplication));

CairngormEventDispatcher.getInstance().dispatchEve nt(evt);

//the wrapper event is dealt by class ShowProdByOrgCmd
public class ShowProdByOrgCmd implements IResponder, Command
//deal process
public function execute(event:CairngormEvent):void
//deal with wrapper event
//call the showPopUp method to pop up titlewindow

public function showPopUp():void
//initialize the pop up titlewindow


PS: when i use object spy to identify the titlewindow, the spy just ingores the titlewindow and identify the content behind the titlewindow.

Have any one met this problem? or Any Suggestions?